Kevin Ross

Bug Gym

Claw Badge


King of the Swarm

Favorite Bug Pokemon: Scizor

Try not to get stung in my gym!

Harrisen Carney

Water Gym

Pe'Ahi Badge


The Stoked Surfer

Favorite Water type: Carracosta.


Let's Crash some waves!

Brittany Boord

Poison Gym
Hazard Badge


Poison Princess

Favorite Poison Pokemon: Toxapex and Toxicroak

Watch where you step, it's hazardous in here! If you're brave enough to venture through the poison fog and take me on, kudos to you- just be careful, not all my Pokémon are as friendly as me!

Joshua McArthur

Ghost Gym

Eldritch Badge


The Lore Keeper

Favorite Ghost type(s): Gengar and Alolan Marowak.


Are you afraid of ghosts? If so the challenge ahead will be a “living” nightmare. If you’re not afraid, however, you soon will be.

Gabrielle Rybinski

Grass Gym

Queen Shroom Badge


Master of the Thorns
Fav Grass Type: Tsareena

Do be careful here, make a wrong move and you will get the pricked by the Master of Thorns herself...

Kyle Cline

Steel Gym

Pure Steel Badge


Pure Steel Paladin
Favorite Steel Type: Scizor


Be careful, my metal Pokemon have nerves of steel.

Dom Camelli

Normal Gym

9-5 Badge

Mr. Business

Favorite normal type: Slaking

I'm normal

Joshua Oberlin

Dragon Gym

LARP Badge

The LARP Nerd

Favorite Dragon type: Dragonite

"Here be dragons! Are you nerdy enough to defeat them?"

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